Is FRC Pay to Win?

by Cole Wilson and Neta Keren

This site was created to serve as an interactive demostration of the procedures outlined in the presentation linked over there -->. Essentially, the website looks at the compiled data of all 2810 teams in the USA that competed in the 2024 Crescendo FRC season, and generates a random sample exactly how we did in our report. It then maps the teams and generates a confidence interval for the regression slope. You can maniulate the confidence level as well as the sample size! (Just keep in mind conditions like the 10% rule when doing this.) Our data was sourced directly from the following sources:

The Blue Alliance: Data on team location, number, name, and 2024 participation is sourced from via their v3 read REST API.

Statbotics: Data on end-of-season EPA is sourced from via their Python API library.

US Bureau of Economic Analysis: Data on county income levels is sourced from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis's 2022 database of household income per capita.

Nominatim: Geocoding data and state/city pairs are looked up and converted to coordinates and county names via through the GeoPy interface. Nominatim sources their data from OpenStreetmap.

Website Libraries: This website was created with the help of the following open source libraries: Tabulator, Leaflet, jStat, regression-js, GeoPandas, and Plotly.js.


of /2810 teams with a confidence level.

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